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Chances and Choices: Meet Isabelle.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012 @ 22:59 | 0 Comment [s]

About 6 months ago I started on a story that I titled 'Devil's Ambition'. I couldn't think of another title, since "Devil's Ambition" seems to cover what the story seems to be filled with: Greed, hatred, pain and darkness. "Devil's Ambition" is built around two main stories: The love story, and the hate story. And one character's involved in both.
Meet Isabelle.
Lovely blonde locks, classy - she's got the money, she's got the looks.
At the age of 4, she learnt how to play the violin, and by the age of 12, she's performed in a music hall. Not a hair out of place, not a single grade below an 'A'. Every word spoken with perfect enunciation, articulated with perfect emphasis.
When she was 6, at the peak of her childhood, her twin sister Ivy vanished, without a trace. Confused, twice the amount of pressure and hopes were pinned on Isabelle. Struggling to be perfect,
With her sister Ingrid, she's at the top of everything. And now, at the age of 16, she's back from overseas - and back to high school with a little twist: She's attending the same school as Ivy.
Chances come by her, with choices to make: Isabelle's future turns bleak as she steps into the world of her dark, resentful twin sister. Alongside the dreadful reconciliation of the two sisters, she meets Kain: Ivy's foster brother, the son of a former gangster, and a gangster himself. Unknowingly, they both fall for each other, but what will become of this entangled mess of love and hate?
I've dedicated the little song for this post to Isabelle, I suppose it's something Isabelle would like, and probably even her favorite song..

[Song-of-the-post: Missing Piece] (Check out the top!)

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