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Down the Highway

Friday, 27 July 2012 @ 20:30 | 0 Comment [s]

A little thing that got me thinking today: the perception of love.
Sure, we love many things, we love games, we love fun, we love people, for example, we love our friends. Everyone gets down to the extent of telling their friends how much they love each other, which is followed by the classic "Best Friends Forever!" line, but what is love in that sense of friendship?
I've never had many friends in my life - even my closest friendships fell apart harshly. After three falls, I'd admit, I got rather disillusioned with the concept of 'love' and 'friendship'. But throughout the times, there are also people that matter a whole lot to me, whom I care for, who have stuck by me at my darkest moments, at the sight of my most despicable traits, who act on account of the greater good - for the greater good of us growing together. Do I love them? I don't tell them so, but we've been through thick and thin and much more.
There's a distinction between being in love and loving someone - the former being highly romantic and the latter being more general. But one thing that I suppose true love runs on is the necessity of doing things for the greater good. We tend to be reckless around people we're comfortable with. But if there's that bond of love between you and a couple of true friends, I don't think it'd be so easy. I can say, personally, that I have one that would love to side with my rather irrational arguments at times just to make me feel better about myself, but instead prompts me to see things from another perspective.
I threw away many friends at a point of time, for the fact that I simply couldn't love them. The ones that remain are the truest, closest friends I will ever have, and I like things the way they are. But for the people I threw away - I couldn't love them. Ironically, I told them every day or two that I loved them. Which, of course, would be a lie given how I could always feel my stomach lurch whenever I see a side of them that wasn't very likable. To be honest, those friendships were full of lies, bitterness, and superficiality. I have not, at any point, even up till today, regretted it.
But the people that remain will always be special to me. They may be weird, creepy, slipping into idiocity at points of time, crazy, even, but there's always the wonderful bit about all these things that I love seeing in them. I haven't told any of them, "I love you!" or "BFFs!", but it remains plain and simple that we're closer than ever.
So what, really, is love, when coupled with friendship? To me, it's the little something special that bonds the truest of friends. I don't have to be in love to love my friends, and I don't need my friends to love me back, either - as long as we grow together, we thrive together and we learn to slap each other in the head when we're being equally stupid, who cares? Does it matter that the friendship may not be lifelong? One day, we would all move on - but if I know that my true friends are still thriving, still growing, with a smile on their face, I doubt I'd mind. Sure, once in a while there'd be that craving, a strong need for them to be around me, but if they won't need me, I suppose I can't help it, either.
And then, there's that bit of being in love. Studying Romeo and Juliet, it seems as though their love was irrational and out of control. It made me wonder for a bit, if loving someone meant so much, what would being in love mean? Loving someone, but with more romantic attachments, coupled with commitment? The fine line between being in love and loving someone seems so thin, yet, in everyone else's eyes, is what sets love and friendship apart. Being in love is love. Loving someone is also love. "Friendship" denotes companionship, and who says we can't love our friends - the truest, closest ones who knows how we are like, the ones that are willing to forsake recklessness for rationality?

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