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Thursday, 2 August 2012 @ 19:16 | 0 Comment [s]

-And, we've clinched a bronze.
Hypocrites: we've met many, had experiences with many, and dealt with many. Of course, we hate to be around hypocrites. Sometimes, it's so annoying to deal with them that you really feel like striking them in the head with a table tennis ball.
London and its antics...
Strangely, as much as we hate hypocrites, we ourselves are what we hate. And so, as I speak, I'm a hypocrite, and so are you all. We deny this to ourselves and live in self-denial for the sake of living on, but when we stop, and realize how pointless it is to continue denying to ourselves, our lives come to a standstill of eternal struggles.
As of today I've met countless hypocrites, and only few of these countless numbers become a friend. And so, being the freak of nature that I am, I get really bloody pissed when I find a friend warping into a major, big-time, lying, deceiving, cheating, condescending, self-denying hypocrite.
And it pisses me off! I mean, if you mix the unstable emotions of Jane Grey with James Holmes (moment of silence for the victims.), it's still an understatement. If you've gotten so pissed that you've practically ripped people to shreds in a sports event or a game, you're still a far cry from it. I'm so pissed, that I did nothing about it. That's how pissed I am - that I just went bonkers for three seconds, and numbed the rest of the day away.
And then I pitied whoever it was, for a reason, really! Because this person made me so pissed I didn't want to care about him/her/it. But unfortunately, I still do, because no matter what, whoever it is is a pal, although I'm doubting whether he/she/it is pal enough to be lifelong.
But the list of stupidity just goes on and on, it makes me so mad! And best of all, it's a person that I least expected to be silly and overly mature (in other words, immature). Shame on you! Even a person younger than I am by a year has displayed much more than you have. Of course, in your perspective, shame on me for being immature. I haven't fully comprehended what's going on yet, and so...
Jangmi Kim of Korea competes
I'm still waiting for my face to recover from all that laughing at you!
Oh, the hypocrisy. And all that spoken of in such a positive light. I deserve to go to the eighteenth level of impossible Hell.
Translation: I'm just waiting for someone to tell me I don't deserve it. See how hypocritical I am?

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Because, because...

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