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Tuesday, 28 August 2012 @ 17:26 | 0 Comment [s]

A topic brought up by Mr. DRL today seemed to speak to me, not because I was directly involved, but because I had been thinking, and it had been in my heart for ages. I never had a chance to express it all, but he spoke what I had been musing for so long.

Everything is guarded by perceptions. What we perceive as right may not be absolute. But what truly holds strong, perception or not, are morals. Unless a person is numbed to the lack of morals, it will always resonate within us.
I got hooked on reading about sadistic personality disorder a few days ago. To a person like me, it's a bizarre thought that someone can kill and be perfectly unaffected by it - and in fact, derive pleasure from such a gruesome act. To a person like me, the person is immoral, without a sense of what holds right and wrong. To the person, there is no wrong and right, especially since killing seems so fun - so why do I still insist that morals hold strong, regardless of perception?
Sadistic personality disorder can, and possibly will mean that the person is numbed to moral wrong. Killing would always seem fun, and always will be fun to them. Now put a person, preferably a person that has never killed before in the place of the killer. Results would definitely be different.
Morals hold strong, without a need for right and wrong - true. But let's look at the other side of the story, the very one which I generated whilst I had my musings pour out from DRL's mouth.
Who are the ones that determine the right and the wrong? Who determines, and holds morals as they are? For all we know, if something went wrong years and years ago, morals would probably have been a completely different concept. Murder may be gruesome, but seen as a pathway to freedom. It may feel wrong, but people would follow, and soon grow numb to it. It is only when we touch our humane sides, the sides that tell us, "This is wrong", then shall we think of the truer morals. Make sense?

The whole post ain't meant to make sense anyway. I was trying to distract myself from stressing out a day before the English Preliminaries. Wish me luck.

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