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From Now till Forever

Friday, 10 August 2012 @ 21:38 | 0 Comment [s]

My life, would be nothing without you -
I may not be the most intelligent,
nor the most attractive.
I may not be the most courageous,
nor may I be the most valiant.
I may not be the least hypocritical,
nor may I be the least ironic.
But to those who've really, really, loved every bit, every moment - I thank you, and I can say the same, for you, too.
We may fight - but we're still friends.
We may insult - but we're still close.
We may tell each other off - but after all, aren't we all being honest?
We're loving each other, but not necessarily in love.

[Song-of-the-post: My Life Would Suck Without You] (Check out the top!)

Special, quiet call to - D.B and S.
You guys have been supporting me, I really thank you guys. Whenever tears called, you guys were there on at least an occasion, and have put your hands on my arm after moments of silent rebukes. You guys have been the first to make me like myself more.

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