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Friday, 3 August 2012 @ 20:49 | 0 Comment [s]

At this point, I'll write a short one, just to express my thoughts.
We'll all leave something at a point of time in our lives. We'll leave school, we'll leave our parents to start a whole new family, we'll leave home, and it continues. And yet, the hardest thing is not to start anew - but to say goodbye.
Goodbyes come with tears, as long as there are emotional bonds that hold us to where we are, to who we're parting with. A junior once said, that he'd like to leave the world without a single trace left behind, no footprints, no emotional ties. It may seem like a wonderful ploy, really, to take off without hurting anyone. But I'll never be able to do that, because I feel too much at times.
To be honest, if you speak of my graduation, I doubt I'd be anywhere near upset or depressed about it, because I've already left the people that matter the most to me, the people that I care for but I need to leave behind - a little memory, a droplet of my being that whispers to them, "I'll always be behind you."
In actual, I don't want this to be a down-and-out, upsetting post. The world won't come to a standstill but some friendships are lifelong. If not, what else would the love have churned out?
Sometimes it seems so silly...

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