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Saturday, 15 September 2012 @ 20:58 | 0 Comment [s]

I love bunnies so much, but I've never expressed it here.
Anyway, in a flouncy joke with "The Family", I became an overnight star and was 'interviewed' thoroughly!
So here goes:
Fluffy bunny attacks!
I bet them that the 'poster' won't fit. It didn't, so I won. You guys now owe me $$$$....

Q: How do you look like when you're not smiling or having a blank look on your face?
A:Something like.... THIS!

Reply: Not true! *screams in a fangirl fashion*
Me: I'm that sentimental! D:

Q: Who is the hottie behind the screen?!?!?!???????!!!!1
A: Something like Y.Yusu and H.Kawa's love child! Maybe a bit of T.Iku. And a little bit of Chiba. I'm going into way too much detail! ĪĪĪĪĪĪeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! /twirling around/

Q: Kiss me?

Q: Hey I just met you and this is crazy but I'm high on bath salts and I'mma eat your face!

Q: Favorite colors?!?
A: The color of Loooove♥
/sings: "What is love?"/
Nah, kidding. If I had to rank it, black,white,grey would rule at the top; green, pink and blue comes second in line.

Q:お父さん 知っている 最高の?(Otōsan shitte iru saikō no)
A: Stop using Google Translator, you're hurting my brain D:
P.S. I speak Chinese, not Japanese.

Q: What are your biggest fears?
A: One, making mistakes; Two, getting into trouble. Three, heights , but I'm not sure whether these are my BIGGEST fears.

Q: Getting yelled at?

Q:Summarize yourself in three seconds starting NOWWWWW

That's it!

Annnnd that's all folks!

(The original SOTP was "Friday-Ma-Magic", but due to copyright claims, I had to take it down. It's cute song, really matched the post, but I had to. So I replaced it with a random song that I was hooked on. I'll find a way to add the original song in again, I promise!)

[Song-Of-The-Post: Any Trash Professor Abascus?] (Check out the top!)


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