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Start All Over

Tuesday, 4 September 2012 @ 08:01 | 0 Comment [s]

Just last night I was given a little challenge that would be both fun and intriguing.
It's called The Amnesiac, and yes, it does involve amnesia.
Within the course of a week, the participant must show signs of amnesia regardless of pre-existing memories. This means that regardless of whether you remember or not, these memories must never be thought of or spoken of. In other words, repressed.
In addition, the participant must rebuild, or add on to, existing relationships within the span of a week. You will be required to go back to square one with all friends, regardless of how close or how distant they are to you.
During the week of amnesia, the participant is disallowed from bringing up past incidents with friends. The participant is also required to re-introduce himself or herself and re-establish relationships.
After the week of amnesia, participants will be free to release the memories and return specific, better relationships to their original state.

Let's face it, there's too much broken within me to want this.
So how about this - for a week, I'll lose my memories, of everyone.
After this, we'll see how it goes.
So.... let's start all over.

Hello there, how are you? My name is....

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