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When Time Flies

Friday, 5 October 2012 @ 22:30 | 0 Comment [s]

Today was the last official day of school... and yes... memories.
Years and years' worth of photographs!
Always, and always...
Some things change. Some things remain the same.
But whichever way, the strongest ties can't ever be broken.
That goes out to you, D.B... (Where in the world are you?!?)

Class of 2012...
Are you pumped up?
If you are, you can go anywhere!
You can go to the ends of the Earth,
and you can go around the Stairway of Heaven.

After all -
The idiotic smiles on everyone's faces...
don't they make up days of memories?

I'm glad that I stayed brave until I stepped out from the gates.
For I relived the moments when I first stepped through those gates,
and saw my younger self innocently blundering around.
With the DM standing by the podium, greeting us with his 
monotonous voice,
and all the students flooding out to the tune of William Tell.

Today was the last time I would, ever, walk to the assembly ground with William Tell on my heels.
Today was the last time I would look for D.B. in the crowd,
and the last time I would sit at the square table with the square chair.
Today was the last time I would eat with the class,
and the last time that I would look at the lake with thoughts flowing about my mind.
Today was the last time.

In a blink of an eye, four years left my existence.
When time flies, life goes on. And when life goes on, we forget.
Forever will one day end, and when we finally remember again, we would once again be
Students - 
Of our own memories.

[Song-Of-The-Post: I Won't Give Up] (Check out the top!)

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