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Thursday, 22 November 2012 @ 00:35 | 0 Comment [s]

I went to prom!

Yes, I went to prom. In pink, black and white. With earrings. With my hair done. Looking smart. Looking cool.

This week started great, and well, today wasn't as good. I'm betting everyone hates me for whatever happened today, but I'm going to just forget it - hey, I mean them well.

We broke our legs walking and cycling on Monday, ten of us, with DB acting like a safety net the whole time  "in case I fail and fall". Appreciated that, really! We even had dinner together - a rarity, by any chance. Apparently I couldn't finish my portion so DB grabbed my plate - with my utensils - and gobbled everything down. Er, anyone have crickets around here?

Prom was... uninteresting to a great extent. We just ate, played and talked. And looked cool. I refused to take off my wristband, so I think I dashed my chances for Best Dressed. F%*$ my life.

But either way, I felt I was pretty decent. So decent I refused to snap photos. Why? Because everyone else was overdone, that's why. I looked like the junk of monkeys beside them. Beside them, I just looked underdone. End of story.

Jo keeps teasing me about DB. Man, it isn't likely we'll get together any day. It's a bittersweet feeling, but if the ring comes up, it'll be on the middle finger just for the sake of a lifelong... uh... special friendship. (By special, I mean very, very, very special.) Which reminds me, I'll have to buy a couple of rings when I'm overseas...

Oh yeah, going overseas. I'm going overseas next week. And I won't be back here until the start of December. But I'll be blogging sights and such, if there's a connection in the hotel room.

PS. Collisionary Passion's tongue smells like dung. I mean, ugh, the number of people that tongue has charmed people with. It's revolting. It reminds me of that guy selling fertilisers. Obviously selling something full of shit, but spitting flowers through his lips. Ugh.

PPS. I'm sorry Collisionary Passion if this offends you, but the truth is f-ing ugly. Yes.

PPPS. S told me to say this. F--- y'all.

PPPPS. Someone stop me from drinking this stuff, I'm on a sugar high.

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