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Five Cassidys

Tuesday, 11 December 2012 @ 01:35 | 0 Comment [s]

Dreamy challenged me to a "Five Faces of  X" Challenge! I'm going to be dripping literal rubbish from this, because she won't be pleased otherwise.

The Five Hazes you'll ever see:

Modest Asian Haze

Okay, maybe more emphasis on the 'modest' bit than 'Asian'. Maybe, more 'shy' than 'modest'. But either way, this happens often, with Haze being silent and quiet in that humongous bluster of a crowd. Reserved, quiet, shy... whilst wishing she could break out of her own shell. There are a million things she wants to do, like speak out, let herself be known... but yet, she remains silent.

Dark Haze

Never anger a Haze. (Seriously, that sounds weird.) She's hard to anger. But when she's angered, not a thing will bring her back from the world of darkness. She can ignore your every call, your every movement and pretend you're invisible - she will literally forget your existence. Her words will be vile, like acid. Her stares will be hard, cold and cruel.

Playful Haze

Aww, c'mon. She's bursting with energy. Pulsing, hot, electric energy. That cheeky look on her face. Those funny phrases, those words pronounced in a funny manner. Communicative, fun, eccentric, everything a person wants to be around. She'd do anything for kicks.

Bare Haze

Yeah, we mean bare both ways. Bare as in nude, and bare as in natural. She's crazed, she's flustered, she's cute, she's frustrating to talk to - yet a bit of an eye candy there. Around her, the world swirls, and around her, your world lights up. She's not perfect, but she's hilariously blungy to be around.

Silent Haze

Shush. She's lost deep in her thinking. If you seek to venture into her world, follow closely. If you seek to stay out, I'm sorry mate, but you've lost that one very rare chance.

Annnnnd that's all folks!

Whatever way Haze turns out, I'll still be that one person.

Cassidy 'Chizzy' Slightly.
A silhouette of mystique.
Of silence, of serenity.
Of love, of life;
Of peace, of plight.
Of darkness, of light.

Lose me, love me
Win me over, or hate me.

[Song-Of-The-Post: Wide Awake] (Check out the top!)

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