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I ate all the truffles

Monday, 31 December 2012 @ 15:53 | 0 Comment [s]

Happy.. uh, New Year's Eve! I'll be counting down tonight, so, count down with me!

To celebrate the coming of the new year, I'll feature the third-best song of 2012, since I've *already* featured the top two as stated on  MTV .

I was with Iresta earlier, and by through a careful process of elimination we determined that the beach was too warm for New Year's Eve. And so, we went to a snowy sim to have some fun! After all, what fun is there in having twin-winter clothes when you can't wear them together?

This photo makes me look crazy. Anyway, my mitts!
And Iresta, being pretty as usual.
We got terribly annoyed at this shot. Everything was perfect, pose was done right, lighting was done right - everything just had to go wrong when grid lines just had to appear, causing a major uproar on our part.
Also, I'm not too sure if it's visible in the photo, but Iresta's taller than I am. Strange, since the avi heights of both of us were the same.

After determining, as well, that I'm not a very good blonde bombshell, I decided to pay tribute to the biggest hit of 2012 as determined by Youtube in my original hair color...

And, to welcome the new year, I'm changing the layout of the blog (again)!
Happy 2013, everyone!

[Song-Of-The-Post: Somebody that I Used To Know] (Look down!)

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