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Thursday, 17 January 2013 @ 17:15 | 0 Comment [s]

I haven't written in Fluidified since the start of this year! I think I need to get around to it, because time is unforgiving.
But first, the adventures of Haze (With her darling new cactus)...
Dear John, Dear John, Dear John...
I write to you this letter today by this green table in the corner. The phone rings every once in a while, and I jump; sending the pen flying from my fingers onto the poor rug on the ground. Thank goodness it didn't leave any stains - cleaning would be such a pain!
I would have picked up the receiver and felt the black plastic against my face. I would've kept this piece of paper shoved in a notebook and never tore it out. I would have kept my pen void of ink and never wrote. But I had to write to you, to tell you of my day. Don't worry - despite it being a "Dear John" - it's never over for us, because my dear John, I dream of you every night, and I hear your voice every day, of you telling me about the ruby color of my hair, about the ribbon on my head, about my grey eyes...
Remember how you told me, I'm such a rabbit? Things haven't changed; I chewed on a carrot. I couldn't help but giggle endlessly trying to bite the end off, in the end, I decided I had to bake it and season it a little before I could down it. How do bunny rabbits do it!?
Perhaps, after five years of carrots, I can throw my unappealing glasses away, and have you compliment my grey eyes...
I was bored to no end, of course; without you around, life had become so dull, so colorless. With you, everything becomes like a dream, I never know when my eyes are closed and when my eyes aren't!
The green chair you recommended - it arrived! It complements the room really well, I've got to say. I was so doubtful at first, but I think I love it more than anything, now. It's so soft, so velvety, and it supports my weight wherever I choose to position myself. Which is why, that little bad habit of mine popped up.
Oh - and Mr Cactus is thriving! I thought he'd never grow, but he's growing strong. I water him every morning, dressed in that little red gown that you loved so much. I wonder if one day he'll sprout flowers - beautiful red flowers, perhaps like the color of my hair?
My day was unspectacular, of course - no party, no wine, no booze - but dearest John, I am very sure both you and I do not need such things to entertain ourselves. Perhaps such a simple day is boring to everyone else - but I write to you, in my days of missing you, about my day, for they are extraordinary on their own. I'm uncertain as to why not many people see it as such, but no matter what, I know you and I can connect and understand. And as such, my dearest John, I leave you off, by telling you...
I love you.
I hope you're well, my dear, and I hope you believe the same for me.

[Song-Of-The-Post: Isn't This A Lovely Day?] (Look below!)

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