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Wednesday, 30 January 2013 @ 13:22 | 0 Comment [s]

I mentioned posts ago that I was hooked onto JC's songs - and I still am! And so, today, I'll feature another one of my favorites from his discography.
Haha, those are my actual feelings a few days ago. Nothing beats having spots appear and stay there for nearly forever. Nothing also beats the physical body imploding on itself!
But in short: My physical body needs to get fixed. Big time. Illnesses are not a joke.

School starts again next week. I'm getting the pre-first day jitters again - a feeling I haven't gotten in quite a while, you know! I bet we'll all be made to introduce ourselves to everyone. And I'll just stick to that regular phrase: "I like everything. But to make me love something is another story altogether." So, dear God up in heaven, please let it be good!

But back onto my quote,
It sucks feeling ugly, but it just happens that we have those days. We simply look in the mirror, pick out something and sigh to ourselves, "I'm ugly."
I simply wake up to each morning these days staring at myself in the mirror and sighing at my grayish skin. At tired face and lackluster eyes. At my body. At my undefined muscles. At my sides, at my abdomen, at my legs...
And then I just go, "I'm just that imperfect. Unfairly so."
And then the sad thing is, the rest of the time, we just feel like we're worthless. Like all of life is there to screw things over for us.
And sometimes, we wonder...
It's definitely no fun.
But all in all, who says we can't try?

P.S. To CACP/ Dearie Earth:
Bet you missed seeing this!

[Song-Of-The-Post:七里香Orange Jasmine] (Look below!)

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