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Tuesday, 19 March 2013 @ 00:50 | 0 Comment [s]

How's everyone been? I've been great - who knew not blogging for nearly a month could take my mind off Earthie and Collisionary Passion and the rest... Heh, I forgot what they even did in the first place!

I actually logged in today - and I don't know what made me do it. I'm pretty surprised as to how I reacted when I realized quite a few people took me off their friends list again - seriously, it's a virtual friends list. Does it kill to have a friend more on the list? But since it's a virtual friends list, I'm not going to take offence to that. I just hope you guys are doing well.

School is no joke - it's only March, meaning we've only started for about a little more than a month, but I'm already burning pots of midnight oil and struggling to keep up. It's hectic, and it's torture, and sometimes I wonder why I deliberately make my life horrible. Ah well. What's done is done, anyway.

I took up piano again - snapping out of the countless years of 'hiatus' was tough! Honestly, my fingers are stiff. 

D.B. and S. have been real sweet lately, and I wonder how they're doing.

Dreamy misses me, and she wants me all to herself. I'll be gone, for now.

[Song-Of-The-Post: Diamonds] (Look below!)

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