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Another Fantasy

Monday, 10 June 2013 @ 00:03 | 0 Comment [s]

Here I am, in an unfortunate situation, about to approach a cafe. That foreboding sense of doom emanating from it can be felt from such a distance away, it's impossible to deny that my fate awaits me.
Even after walking up the pathway and the staircase, it still seems like a bad omen that I'm even here. From every angle, the cafe emits such a devilish aura that threatens to devour my soul and my consciousness. I'm afraid to go in, but I must, for I cannot forsake my own promise composed from my own words.
Much as I'd like to deny it, the cafe seems a rather decent place, with proper furnishings, a bar and all - it looks like a decent enough cafe, all right. The source of the ominousness, however, lies a little further from the entrance itself: but it does present itself in a position close enough for me to see the source.
Like I predicted, she's right there, waiting. Somehow, she doesn't seem like the person I expected, but she definitely feels like the person I expected. Who else emits such a depressing, ominous aura?
" You're here! I suppose you're famished after such a long trip. There's food at the bar, why not let's go grab a bite?"
If that aura wasn't enough, mind-reading definitely is.
So, what brings you to invite me here?
"Oh, nothing much. It's been long since you came, anyway. It's been long since anyone came."
Oh. Sorry to hear that. Say, the place changed quite a bit, eh?
" The interior design, mostly. I couldn't get the piano to budge, though. It's firmly stuck there, where you once sat and serenaded me with beautiful songs."
Oh. Thanks, I guess. You sure still know how to charm people.
"You, too. How about a song, for the good times?"
As I played the song, I caught a glance of her. Her eyes, mostly. There was a strangely dead look in them. I tried to shake that off simply her being immersed in the tenderness of the song, but I couldn't help but be bugged. Even at the final note, her eyes still held a strange sort of mist in them, as though nothing was there in her anymore.
"That was extraordinary. Say, you do still drink, right?"
Er, yeah. Quite a bit, actually.
"Fantastic. Have some, it's one of the better wines I've had in my possession."
I wonder if there was some magic in the wine. Because if there is, it's definitely working. The wine has such a tempting, strong scent to it, I can't help but want to take a sip of it.
But.. maybe I was wrong. Because with time, I gradually faded away. Away, into another universe... before I opened my eyes again.
Ugh. That wine.
"Did you enjoy it?"
I think so. Why is it so dark, anyway?
"Oh, it's about dinner-time, isn't it?"
I suppose. Shouldn't you know better what time it is? Why isn't there a clock here, anyway?
Hmm. I suppose there should be a clock somewhere. I flipped around, looking for a clock...
"I'm glad you've enjoyed yourself... glad... self... dinner..."

Okay, I admit, I was bored. I visited a nice little cafe, got bored and decided to take countless pictures... before getting stuck and not knowing how to present all these. Ah well. I really loved the outfit, Iresta bagged the set for me at 95l$. Which is, a rare price, since I looked around just about everywhere and anything close to this costed nicely above 200l$.

[Song-Of-The-Post: Pumped Up Kicks](Look Below!)

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