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Here's to...

Wednesday, 5 June 2013 @ 00:25 | 0 Comment [s]

I've finally hit my break! It's great to get a break, especially since college is nuts. Like, I mean nuts. It's so difficult to actually nail an A here! Or rather, I'm having a hard time trying to nail it!

I got a little bored in the Hob-House, so I plugged on the radio, turned my section of the shack into a real haunt. I've never experienced this many crates in my section before...!
And I guess, that's my summer feeling right now:

Singing Radiohead at the top of our lungs
With the boom box blaring as we're falling in love
I got a bottle of whatever, but it’s getting us drunk
Singing here's to never growing up

I love my style today, I doubt I'll take it off for the next couple of days. I can't help it, I'm feeling rebellious as hell.

We live like rock stars
Dance on every bar
This is who we are,
I don't think we'll ever change
They say just grow up but they don't know us
We don't give a fuck and we're never gonna change

Here's to never growing up, guys!

[Song-Of-The-Post: Here's to Never Growing Up] (Look below!)

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