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Thursday, 31 October 2013 @ 00:11 | 0 Comment [s]

Ssssh! Who's that, in the distance?
The Queen Mother descends upon us...
Hello again! It's been some time since I was here. But I'm here not to make another (monthly?!) post, but to celebrate Halloween! Or rather, Hell-o-ween, since I've a knack for doing the creepy and spooky things.
I wasn't exactly intending to go for a royal theme, but I had in mind something creepy and bloody, like last year. But it's nice to mix both bloody and royal.
And the queen visits its servant, the giant spider, who has decapitated and mutilated a body....
Iresta is a witch! We took this little shot before we got down to any decorating; we were too lazy to take it after that!

So that's the Hell-O-Ween post, Seeya very soon!

[Song-of-The-Post: Professor Umbridge's Theme] (Look below!)

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